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What the pair found particularly enjoyable was swapping genders to play each other’s characters.Samaire says she had a laugh playing “arrogant” Woody but loved her “sweet” and “detail-oriented” female and Jason Christopher recently welcomed their first child together, son Calin Armstrong Christopher, she announced via Facebook on Sunday. Will post pictures after a little rest,” Armstrong, 32, writes. It was an amazing experience and we couldn’t be more thrilled with our new arrival. Samaire Armstrong is an American actress, fashion designer and model. Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort Appropriately enough, we end back in Tahiti.At the end of each day here, you'll recline with a tropical cocktail in hand, sitting under millions of stars and over millions of fish who play all day in the azure lagoon, reflecting back on how you accomplished absolutely nothing in the most delightful way.h/t: Airows","created Timestamp":"2016-12-29TZ","version Id":"8","primary Image Id":"ci01ff400cf000244c","path":"/maxim-man/10-exotic-overwater-bungalows-2016-12","associated Rich Terms":[,,,,,],"is Work In Progress":false,"social Popularity":1114,"content Node Id":"cn01ff3ffaf000244c","primary Content Site Id":"cs01db00d520009512","author Profile":,"section Key":"maxim-man","social Stats":,"dek":"Which tropical getaway do you want to stay at the most?

{"type":"phx Image Hero","tile Background":,"fullbleed":true,"meta":["label","image","A"],"is Canvas":true,"collection":{"object Type":"stream","total Items":1,"items":[{"author Profile Id":"ci01e020520002c80a","is Instant Article":true,"publication Timestamp":"2016-12-27TZ","created Principal Id":"up01e01f4ec00099de","id":"ci01ff3ffaf000244c","is Excluded From Published Streams":false,"comments Enabled":true,"edited Timestamp":"2016-12-29TZ","auto Saved":false,"terms":[,,,,,],"is Noindex":false,"title":"10 Exotic Overwater Bungalows That Will Blow Your Mind","authoring Status Code":"ready_for_edit","section":,"primary Image":,"slug":"10-exotic-overwater-bungalows-2016-12","edited By Principal Id":"up01e01f4ec00099de","disqus Id":"2507861e-cb87-11e6-8d04-0614023a03d3","object Type":"Content Article","tml Embeds":[,,,,,,,,,],"original Publication Timestamp":"2016-12-27TZ","body Tml":"Aqua-based vacation plans always sound amazing. And though they connote a French Polynesian location, as you'll see below, you necessarily don't have to travel to the South Pacific to soak up the scene this way. Inter Continental Tahiti Resort & Spa Tahiti hosts some of the bluest waters on the planet.

After years playing bit parts in movies such as Dawn Of The Dead and the TV shows X-Files and Smallville, Kevin hit the big time opposite Felicity Huffman in the Oscar-nominated film Transamerica. “There’s a lot of really, really talented unemployed actors,” he explains.

“I think that’s something we forget often when we’re working.” He adds: “It’s surreal to find any sort of success doing this.

She explains: “It’s neat when you realise people are people no matter what class they’re from and David treated us with such tender hands and really provided an amazing environment for us.

“As actors, we’re delicate creatures, I guess.” Kevin describes the shoot as “fun” before adding, “they’re not usually”.

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But retreating to their Deep Nature Spa sounds kinda good, too.2.

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