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"Honestly, this was a response to the general issue more than any one notorious or particular case," she said."In general, it's just good to have policies so that people know what to do when things arise." Erin Buzuvis, a law professor at Western New England University, applauded the NCAA on taking a position on the issue.“[These relationships] had been going on forever,” said Karen Morrison, NCAA director of gender inclusion, calling from the forum in New Orleans.While she doesn’t think this is the first statement the association has made on the matter, it is the first time it has issued specific policy guidelines.As the authors note, men coach 98 percent of male athletes and 57 percent of female ones.Further, men account for about 81 percent of athletics directors and 72 percent of head athletics trainers.Further, many lump together sexual harassment and abuse without delineating behaviors and attitudes. But the document does note a few studies with interesting findings.

I hope that what it does is prompt the conversations.” Research on how often coaches become sexually involved with athletes is limited, the authors say, for a number of reasons: data in existing studies measure different things, involve athletes of different ages and athletic levels, and in different locations. S.-based research is itself significant, indicative of an ideology that tends to idealize coaches and overlooks or minimizes the harmful aspects of sport, especially when the athletes are adults,” the authors write.A model policy included in the publication – to be adopted both by the institution and the athletic department it houses – “strictly prohibits” amorous relationships between any coach and athlete.Policies should also prohibit coach-athlete relationships for two years after the final academic year the student plays on his or her team.But in an e-mail to on Monday, she said she’s hopeful that resistance will pass.“The NCAA is offering this as a resource, not a mandate, and in that sense there is no consequence for a school that ignores the issue.

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