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Most guys shy away from developing a social life, investing in or working on their lifestyle because it isn't a quick fix. I think they maybe just group all the Brits, Australians and Kiwis into the same accent because, I get that. It always happens when I've been in England for a long time and I come back into the States. I didn't actually realize you were from London so, that's pretty cool. We just reviewed on of your courses and we're just about to review another one of your courses. A lot of people in the sports hospitality industry, they had connections with big businesses, big banks.

The cold approach on the other hand, where you walk up to a girl in bar or when you are out during the day, seems like a pretty quick fix. Of course, you have a great reputation on the whole social sphere. They had people they had grown up with, people they'd gone to school with.

The truth is that the energy and time you put into your social life, and your lifestyle, is always more rewarding in the long term. So that's what we're going to talk about which is an angle we've been looking to explore for a while and we haven't really done it here on the podcast. First, we'd like to get a bit of background on who you are. I wasn't really from that world and I didn't really have a choice but to pretty much try to figure out how to get access to all the things I needed to get access to whether it was tickets for clients, whether it was people who could help me out.

Yes, it may not pay off this week, but in the months to come (in a short time) it will start to pay off. I had to just get stuck in and just really, really figure everything out.

This is friend, this is a contact at the club and he wasn't much to look at. He was not really that much to look at but, it was ridiculous watching this guy operated because, we were in a bar before we were in a bar before we went to the club. So, we left the bar and we went to go get into the club and as you got towards the club, I was at the back of group and everybody goes in and I got stuck outside. My girlfriend has gone in and everyone else has gone in.

We recently reviewed a couple of his courses, The King's Game and The Social Supremacy Blueprint, both receiving very good stamps of approval from us. It's funny how like it's never one thing that makes you dive into what your life's going to be.

We ask almost everyone in the Dating Skills Academy, for example, to start developing this mindset. Greenway, who has made a real name for himself when it comes to building a social lifestyle. It was a pretty interesting process because, those are effectively the most important skills when it comes to anything hospitality-based.

Then the results and the rewards really come back to you in many ways. In fact, he is known for having a jet-setting lifestyle. So, I kind of threw myself into every type of environment social that could possibly have.

One of the things I've noticed about a lot of the self-made millionaires and billionaires, people that are very, very successful, at some point in their life, they were broke, like dead broke.

At some point in their life, they'd hit rock bottom.

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