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My experience grounded me, and it bestowed clarity.

My original post implored others to not be shy, to not apply so much pressure, because life is short.

In 1927, Germany assigned the tree its own postal code. Filmmaker Claudia Bracholdt’s utterly charming documentary considers the role of Bridegroom's Oak as both fairy tale and matchmaker.Online dating, in my opinion, mocks our very humanity and creates misanthropes, incapable of social interactions.I made this opinion some time ago, when I was stuck in the hospital for a month after undergoing multiple procedures on my lung.She interviews Karl Heinz Martens, a retired postal worker who delivered mail to the tree for more than 20 years.(“Usually, you have five to six letters a day,” he says.

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  1. The fear for guys is that by being a virgin past this nebulous date, they will have not only missed their chance to sew their wild oats – because of course, nobody over the age of 35 has no-strings-attached sex but they will be so clearly marked as “damaged goods” that no woman would possibly want them.