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In August 2008, the Sisters in Islam (SIS), an Islamic organisation in Malaysia, was surprised to find that a book published in 2005 featuring a compilation of research papers was banned by the Home Ministry of Malaysia.

SIS research and publications programme manager Masjaliza Hamzah said that activists and academics from Southeast Asia and the Middle East contributed to the book in 2003 and that it mainly focused on challenges Muslim women faced in their countries.

He reiterated that the main objective of the code was to build a better "Bangsa Malaysia".

On the current film censorship guidelines, he said that if a scene was "too sexy", then the scene would be axed. They watch the scene and if it's too glaring then they will cut it.

, a number of websites critical of the Malaysian Government had been pulled off.

In 2016, Malaysia was ranked 146th (out of 180) in the Worldwide Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders.

Prime Ministers Abdullah Badawi and Najib Razak, on many occasions, have pledged that Internet access in Malaysia will not be censored and that it is up to parents to install their own censorship software and provide education to their children (provide self-censorship).

The ISPs also actively deny that there are Internet filters in place when asked.

Censorship guidelines for local movie productions were only slightly eased in March 2010 to allow LGBT characters who could only portray their sexual orientation through hugging the same sex.If it's not pornographic in nature, then they will allow it.It is very subjective." He also said, "Today's standard of morality and spirituality must be strong because people are exposed to all sorts of challenges" and "There is a correlation between criminal offenders and sex and violence shown on screen." The censors pay special attention to political and religious themes in films.Any Hebrew and Yiddish-language movies and movies from Israel are not allowed to be shown in Malaysian cinemas.Rastafarian reggae is often censored, as it refers to "Zion".

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